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December 6, 2018

 Plant your seed. Then walk away, trust that you gave it what it needs to sprout. It's hard to move ahead in life if we are constantly focused on something we did in the past, plagued with wondering when our efforts will pay off.

I noticed myself doing this often, it seemed that every time I would plant a seed, the thought of that seed, and how I planted it would haunt me for days, weeks, or even months. Did I plant it deep enough? Too shallow? Did I give it enough water? Was it the right kind of soil? It can be frustrating living the creative life, never knowing where our next paycheck will come from, but the anxiety caused by worrying about the seeds we plant along the way certainly doesn't help us get anywhere. 

I had to learn to l...

April 5, 2018

 Pictured here: My sculpture titled Cubed on installation day in Lafayette, CO. April 3, 2018

Honored to have been chosen to participate in the art program in Lafayette, CO. I built this piece back in 2012 and since that time it has spent time in many galleries around Denver. Now it's time for Cubed to receive a finishing touch, like only Mother Nature can provide. 

The idea is that the wind, rain, sun, snow, sleet and hail will have their way and do their thing as Cubed stands to absorb it all. The steel will rust and the wood will become weathered and begin to gray. 

I have had the idea for weathering the piece since I created it, but only now will I get the chance to put this idea into effect. In a decade or two this piece will look like some kind...

March 2, 2018

 Pictured here: Flowering Of Consciousness tiles #170 - #199

The Flowering of Consciousness effort reached an important milestone recently, I have created 199 of these little guys since 2014 when I made the first batch!

Depicting a lotus bloom, these little paintings are intended to serve as a reminder to be present, as the lotus blossom is a symbol of human awakening and human consciousness. 

200 is a lot, even though it may not seem like it. When you hand paint each block with its own unique color scheme, these things are an operation in being present, a sort of meditation. 

January 9, 2018

 Pictured Here: Sons of Atom #2 in the works, Acrylic on Wood, 24"x36", 2018 by Jesse Van Hoorn

This new work coming together quite well, a commission for the holidays! The first one in this series was sold at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, to the owners of Finkle & Garf, a brewery in Boulder, CO. 

The inspiration behind this series is the exploration of line and shape, energy and color. I am always delighted by the way this process creates a feeling of depth in the work, it slowly emerges over time as the piece comes together. 

I strive for a sense of balance in these pieces, and it is an intuitive feeling I get when I know the piece is completed. Until then, I just keep working, keep applying colors that speak to me. I do not plan o...

January 3, 2018

 Pictured Here: Forest of Light #11, quintych series, 5 panels, acrylic on reclaimed wood, 5'x3', 2017 by Jesse Van Hoorn

Nature, or the natural world offers a plethora of cues as to how we (who are part of nature) should conduct our lives. However, springing out of a cultural disdain for nature, we completely ignore those cues. 

One of the most obvious, is the lessening of the light during the fall/winter/early spring months. This is natures way of telling us, be less busy, go out less, hibernate, take time to rest and heal. But, in the mad rush we must maintain in this capitalist system, this cue is a luxury only the rich can afford.

This does not lead to quality of life, but instead decreases the quality of our lives, leading many to sickness an...

December 14, 2017

 Pictured Here: Modern Day Shaman by Jesse Van Hoorn, Acrylic on Wood, 18"x24", 2017

It is easy, in a society such as ours, for the artist to feel forgotten, neglected, unimportant, marginalized. When all has been commodified, indeed validated by its ability to be commodified, the artist often feels peripheral to the carnival, left out in the cold.

Through this bleak environment, the artist must trudge, undaunted. And maintain a fixation on that inner vision which propels them. For the artist plays a great role in any society, though that role may be diminished by many whose eyes, by no fault of their own, are fixed solely on dollar signs. 

The artist, whether acknowledging it openly, or subconsciously, through their action serves to offer a kind of medi...

December 13, 2017

 Pictured Here: A snapshot of some of the books shelved at MCA Denver's reading room.

A few weeks ago I visited the MCA Denver (which has a spectacular exhibit currently btw) and was delighted to find that the copy of Your Own Eyes that I snuck into the reading room at MCA was still there! It has been over a year ago that I first donated my first book to the museum, and I was super stoked to find it still at home among the other spectacular titles. 

What's the lesson here? do quirky things, and try to have fun. ;)

December 7, 2017

 Skullflower Icon, 8"x10", Ink & Colored Pencil on Vellum, 2017, Jesse Van Hoorn

I have certain images that I tend to use, over and over again, like this one pictured here, the Skullflower logo I developed back in 2008. I have recreated the image itself many times and it has been manifested in many different colors, mediums, and associated media. I believe that to repeat an image, to continuously work with it is a revelatory process. The rewards cannot be known at the outset, it is something that must be pursued, with faith that some new things will begin to emerge with perseverance. 

Sometimes as artists, we need to devote ourselves to this kind of exploration, almost a mediation, a way to know ourselves better and to give our creativity room to b...

November 30, 2017

 From the sketchbook, 2017 Jesse Van Hoorn

Life, ah life! Sometimes a hopeless disaster, sometimes a glorious fantasy. Behold, the nature of all things, for we cannot know one without the other. Honor the convex, honor the concave, honor and observe the cycles, the seasons, the in and the out, the ebbing and flowing of tides, of emotions, of our years, see yourself as an intimate part of this, you are, you are this, you are it. Tat Tvam Asi - That is Sanskrit for That Art Though. You're it! Never forget this, it can help you in life tremendously just to remember this simple reality.

If you've grown up in the Western world this is quite difficult to embrace, as most of us have been taught that we are separate, and there are many forces which rage again...

June 27, 2017

 Pictured here: Jesse Van Horne just days before his 39th birthday, standing in the rubble of the modern world in the aftermath of the chemical apocalypse. 

As today, I turn 39, I continue my legacy of thinking deeply, and being chiefly, among other things, a smart ass. I believe that we all believe some crazy things. Mythological fairy tales still transfix a great number of people, while another great number of people have abandoned mythology all together. 

This world is a dangerous place, with some absolutely looney mfs holding some positions of high power scattered around the globe. Humans, in all of our wisdom and ingenuity, have created things that can end all life, and we still have the audacity to refer to ourselves as "civilized". 

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