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Plant Your Seed...

Plant your seed. Then walk away, trust that you gave it what it needs to sprout. It's hard to move ahead in life if we are constantly focused on something we did in the past, plagued with wondering when our efforts will pay off.

I noticed myself doing this often, it seemed that every time I would plant a seed, the thought of that seed, and how I planted it would haunt me for days, weeks, or even months. Did I plant it deep enough? Too shallow? Did I give it enough water? Was it the right kind of soil? It can be frustrating living the creative life, never knowing where our next paycheck will come from, but the anxiety caused by worrying about the seeds we plant along the way certainly doesn't help us get anywhere.

I had to learn to let go. I had to learn to have faith. I had to trust the universe that I had done all I could to help that little seed of potential become something great. I had to learn to walk away. Or to put it more precisely, I had to learn to keep walking.

Once I learned to do this, to just apply some faith and belief to my projects and ideas, it got much easier to keep planting seeds. I found my source of creative energy once again. And then, down the road a ways when a seed does sprout, there is nothing sweeter!

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