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Mother Nature to Beautify...

Pictured here: My sculpture titled Cubed on installation day in Lafayette, CO. April 3, 2018

Honored to have been chosen to participate in the art program in Lafayette, CO. I built this piece back in 2012 and since that time it has spent time in many galleries around Denver. Now it's time for Cubed to receive a finishing touch, like only Mother Nature can provide.

The idea is that the wind, rain, sun, snow, sleet and hail will have their way and do their thing as Cubed stands to absorb it all. The steel will rust and the wood will become weathered and begin to gray.

I have had the idea for weathering the piece since I created it, but only now will I get the chance to put this idea into effect. In a decade or two this piece will look like some kind of long lost relic of a forgotten age, which is exactly what I want!

It will live in its new home in Lafayette for 1 year, and then after that... we'll see. Thanks again Lafayette for picking my work to adorn your streets!

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