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Sons of Atom #2

Pictured Here: Sons of Atom #2 in the works, Acrylic on Wood, 24"x36", 2018 by Jesse Van Hoorn This new work coming together quite well, a commission for the holidays! The first one in this series was sold at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, to the owners of Finkle & Garf, a brewery in Boulder, CO. The inspiration behind this series is the exploration of line and shape, energy and color. I am always delighted by the way this process creates a feeling of depth in the work, it slowly emerges over time as the piece comes together. I strive for a sense of balance in these pieces, and it is an intuitive feeling I get when I know the piece is completed. Until then, I just keep working, keep applying colors that speak to me. I do not plan out any of this, but the whole thing is an amalgamation of intuition, of just diving in a creating. In this sense, these compositions are a celebration, an honoring of the muse.

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