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Seasonal Cues We Ignore

Pictured Here: Forest of Light #11, quintych series, 5 panels, acrylic on reclaimed wood, 5'x3', 2017 by Jesse Van Hoorn Nature, or the natural world offers a plethora of cues as to how we (who are part of nature) should conduct our lives. However, springing out of a cultural disdain for nature, we completely ignore those cues. One of the most obvious, is the lessening of the light during the fall/winter/early spring months. This is natures way of telling us, be less busy, go out less, hibernate, take time to rest and heal. But, in the mad rush we must maintain in this capitalist system, this cue is a luxury only the rich can afford. This does not lead to quality of life, but instead decreases the quality of our lives, leading many to sickness and misery during the holiday season, and leaving most feeling that they desperately need a month off just to recuperate from the holiday madness. We all sacrifice much to live this way, and seldom seem to really question whether or not it has to be this way. We just go along with it as if we are powerless, and so then, I suppose we are.

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