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Of Iconography

Skullflower Icon, 8"x10", Ink & Colored Pencil on Vellum, 2017, Jesse Van Hoorn

I have certain images that I tend to use, over and over again, like this one pictured here, the Skullflower logo I developed back in 2008. I have recreated the image itself many times and it has been manifested in many different colors, mediums, and associated media. I believe that to repeat an image, to continuously work with it is a revelatory process. The rewards cannot be known at the outset, it is something that must be pursued, with faith that some new things will begin to emerge with perseverance.

Sometimes as artists, we need to devote ourselves to this kind of exploration, almost a mediation, a way to know ourselves better and to give our creativity room to blossom in unexpected directions. So the message here, always play. When you are feeling stuck, unstick yourself by trying something new, by attempting something that you haven't considered before. This is part of the credo of the contemporary artist, add it to your tool box and use it. Free yourself for exploration, don't get caught up in an artistic rut.

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