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The Convex & the Concave

From the sketchbook, 2017 Jesse Van Hoorn

Life, ah life! Sometimes a hopeless disaster, sometimes a glorious fantasy. Behold, the nature of all things, for we cannot know one without the other. Honor the convex, honor the concave, honor and observe the cycles, the seasons, the in and the out, the ebbing and flowing of tides, of emotions, of our years, see yourself as an intimate part of this, you are, you are this, you are it. Tat Tvam Asi - That is Sanskrit for That Art Though. You're it! Never forget this, it can help you in life tremendously just to remember this simple reality. If you've grown up in the Western world this is quite difficult to embrace, as most of us have been taught that we are separate, and there are many forces which rage against us, there is evil that we must overcome by clinging to ancient mythologies, fear guiding the rudder of the ship of our psyche. It takes boldness to be a child of the West and to open oneself to this reality, but the rewards are endless if you can get yourself to this place. Endeavor to unravel yourself from the tangled web of myth and indoctrination, and watch your life bloom like it never has before. You are not a lone sojourner on/in a foreign planet, needing to fight for survival, you are the whole thing! You are the universe experiencing itself in one of millions of ways, you are the very force of the whole cosmos, if only you will be brave enough to see yourself in such a liberating light. Many instead choose chains. And again, fear leads us to shackle ourselves to ideas and doctrines, will you be liberated or sell yourself perpetually to psychic slavery. You decide.

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