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Round and Round We Go...

Pictured here: Jesse Van Horne just days before his 39th birthday, standing in the rubble of the modern world in the aftermath of the chemical apocalypse.

As today, I turn 39, I continue my legacy of thinking deeply, and being chiefly, among other things, a smart ass. I believe that we all believe some crazy things. Mythological fairy tales still transfix a great number of people, while another great number of people have abandoned mythology all together.

This world is a dangerous place, with some absolutely looney mfs holding some positions of high power scattered around the globe. Humans, in all of our wisdom and ingenuity, have created things that can end all life, and we still have the audacity to refer to ourselves as "civilized".

"Insane" may indeed be closer to the truth, when speaking of a general, human, definitive attribute.

Regardless, I have hope, even still, that we can turn things around. I don't have faith in governments, I don't have faith in fairytales, but I do have faith in the human spirit. One at a time, we can make this world better, clean it up, and save it from its current course of certain disaster.

And at the same time, while I believe that we can do this, I also believe that we may choose not to, and our time may "run out" before we endeavor to make the necessary adjustments.

So whatever lay before us brothers and sisters, it's been fun up to this point. You're all strange creatures (myself included), and I still get a kick out of the fact that none of us really know how we got here, what we are "supposed" to be doing, or where we are headed.

And so, it is in this spirit of mystery that I bid you all Happy Birthday. Soon enough it will be yours, and then mine again, and round and round it goes.

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