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Love is in the Air ...

Love is always "in the air". We just spend most of our time with our heads in our own self created "clouds", worried about our life and all of the different situations and possible outcomes. Guilt often plagues the human mind to the point of paralysis. And its close counterpart shame is truly "the ghetto of the mind".

All it takes for us to get out of this disabling and non-fruitful state is to look around. There is evidence all around us, all the time that we are loved. There is evidence all around us all the time that love flourishes. Don't get hung up on the hate side of the equation, its all about the love.

Captured these two love bugs this weekend as I was taking care of 15 new fruit trees in a community garden orchard that I helped create. How can you look at this picture and not say it's all about the love?

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