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Behold, the Cosmos...

Photo: The visible light spectrum captured in photograph from sunlight through a prism cast on my wall.

Absolutely awe inspiring. Absolutely taken for granted most times that I see it. I've seen it so many times in fact, that it rarely inspires awe in me anymore to view the colors of the visible light spectrum any time that a prism or water vapor casts a rainbow in my vicinity.

But just what these "colors" mean is actually quite incredible when we take the time to ponder it. What they "mean" is that we are surrounded by complete and utter mystery, and we understand so little of it.

Look at the way they are distinct, yet have no definite borders between them, instead slowly fading into the next color and then into the next and so ad infinitum. And the fact that these are not colors at all but actually different wavelengths of radiation, only becoming colors once the human eye receives and translates the unique wavelengths through the brain.

We say red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet, but really these are all wiggles of different intensities. Magical. Mysterious. Unfathomable. But again, usually taken for granted.

This simple translation of the visible wavelengths of light that we see every day could easily be mistaken for a picture from space, of a galaxy forming or of the birth or death of a star. It is strikingly similar to pictures from the Hubble space telescope of the farthest reaches of space,

where only a giant question mark remains.

Ah the smallness of human perception and understanding. We really don't know anything at all. Take some time today to just be blown away.

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