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It's All About the Love...

Pictured Above: A variation on the original Skullflower Design Studios logo, by Jesse Van Horne, 2017

The Skullflower Logo, an insignia, an icon that embodies both death and life, those polar opposites, as perceived by the average Westerner, all really part of the same thing. This logo came to me somewhere between 2008-2009, as I was a graduate student immersed in philosophy and design, I had been shedding my mythological roots for years up to that point. It came to me at the tail end of a journey through faith and myth, and an authentic search for what was real, for what held meaning.

This symbol is representative of both the darkness and the light, of death and life, and the way they swirl into one another, all essential, all a part and parcel.

What I have come to find is that if there is fear of death, then there is fear of life. If there is any fear, then there is only fear. Fear is a shackle we often bear unwittingly, we drag it around with no idea that we could be moving faster, freer, unhindered. Part of going beyond fear lies in our own willingness to examine the myths we buy into, the myths we believe. If we find the courage to do this, we often find that the things we believe can be the very source of this inhibiting fear.

Do you have the courage to examine the possibility that all you believe, that all you hold to be true may in fact be the very thing that fosters fear in your life?

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