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This Fleeting Life...

It is going by fast. Even if it feels slow to you, right now, in your circumstances, believe me, it is going by fast. Don't blink. Another 10 years gone, on to the next 10...but these years are not eternal. We've each got a certain number of them, but the mystery lies in the fact that we don't know how many we'll get.

This life is fleeting, ever slipping through our hands, like sand through our fingers, the harder you try to grip it the quicker it seems to dissipate, dissolve, vanish.

And I imagine at the end of it all, you look back and you wonder if you really maxed it out. You probably look at the "safe" bets you made and wish that you gambled a bit more. I don't think anyone ever looks back and regrets a risk taken, for a dream, for an ideal.

It will be 5 years in June, 5 years since I left the safety of the shoreline. Setting out, I didn't think I would be at sea for this long, thought for sure I would have found land by now, something solid. But this is my adventure. And part of the adventure is the not knowing. I left the safe bet back on that shore, I can always return to it if things get too rough, if the waves smash my little ship.

I have wanted to return many times, there has been hunger, thirst, sun-burn & mirage. But something keeps me out here, for now, for today, for others who wear their chains, who have buried their dreams long ago in some dark, damp hole.

Today I am an adventurer. Today I remember that all this is going fast, faster than we can comprehend. Today I am grateful for the days I have had, for this fleeting life.

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