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The Sun Rises in the East...

Pictured Here: A copy of Your Own Eyes, by Jesse Van Horne.

I had the pleasure of speaking to another class at the Colorado School of Mines yesterday, the class was on Comparative Religions, and my piece was to share some of the major differences between Eastern and Western thought and philosophy.

Many of the students have had very little exposure to Eastern thought and religion, so it was an interesting experience to share what I have learned through my extensive autodidactism.

It is my belief that there are concepts and ideas that emanate from the East which could serve to greatly alter our legacy of violence and subjugation in the West, but we must willingly open ourselves to the wisdom that is just waiting to be absorbed.

The book pictured above, which is now almost 1 year old, contains many of my findings and is essentially an extolation of much of the wisdom that comes from the East. I follow in the footsteps of some of those who have gone before me, mainly Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle. Their mission was and is to translate Eastern wisdom to a Western audience, and my book shares that aim.

It can be difficult to examine the beliefs that you hold and even more difficult to honestly come to terms with the fact that those beliefs may perpetuate violence against other humans and the planet. But this is an essential act, for each individual if we are to evolve and avoid our own self-imposed, inevitable decimation.

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