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One Foot in Front of the Other...

Pictured Here: A new series of small batch paintings in the works at Skullflower Design Studios.

Sometimes in life it can feel like there is nothing on the horizon and we are just going through the motions. Sometimes that is true! But it is only a perspective based on a certain vantage point, always highly subject to change, as all things are.

Nothing, as long as we are alive, will remain for long before change comes rushing in. The trick is to be able to sit with the monotony when we are in the middle of it, and to not let it drive you crazy. This is a tough thing to do for many, we have been trained to want immediate gratification and to have to wade through the murky waters of boredom and stagnation sounds horrible to most of us.

It can be. But to be ok with the mundane is a pretty great skill to acquire. In fact, it is absolutely necessary for a happy, peaceful life. Along with that, to know where you are headed, to have a direction or a goal you are working toward can help you through the dry spells.

For me, I've always got a plan for another piece of art to bring into the world, these are my gifts to the human race, my gifts to the universe. When I'm in a dry spell, feeling that the wheels are turning all too slowly, I focus on my art, on the next creation I can manifest, and usually time in the studio is always helpful for bringing me back to center and helping me remember what this thing is all about.

Alan Watts said that he who cannot enjoy the present has no hope of ever enjoying the future, even though he may devise the most splendid plans. I agree with him. Learn to be ok with your life in the now, your life as it is, and you will be amazed what will blossom from there.

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