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Of the Translucence of Life...

Pictured Here: Abstracting the Grid, by Jesse Van Horne of Skullflower Design, 2017, custom art installation in Denver, Colorado.

When I do physical work, meaning something that I am shaping or forming rather than something I am coloring, I am really drawn to translucency. I am fascinated by material that holds its shape yet can allow light to pass through it. Such is the case with the material I used in my most recent custom art installation, Abstracting the Grid.

I also strive for "natural" methods of design, construction and assembly when I make pieces. I try not to use things like glue unless absolutely unavoidable, but I like to join things with old fashioned, crafty as well as sleek and modern methods of joinery.

For me everything from conception/design/manifestation is the art. The whole process as well as the end product is the art, and this art carries a message with it for the duration of its life. It is not a message meant to be spoken, but to be viewed and to be known or unknown, found or unfound.

There is an inseparable and unspeakable mysticism in art, whose relevance retreats further from those who try to articulate it. I like suspension in my physical work, it ushers in the profound, the mind delights in seeing relatively heavy objects defy gravity amidst the assemblage of some human aim. Behold the translucence of this human experience!

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