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A Forest is Born...

February 2, 2017


 Pictured Here: "Forest of Light" - a recently completed new mural by Jesse Van Horne of Skullflower Design Studios at The Molecule Effect, on 12th & Santa Fe in Denver. Feb 2, 2017

The sacred beauty of trees, and the feeling one can experience standing all alone, amidst a forest of just the right assemblage at just the right time. 

One of the few mystical experiences of my life happened in a forest, where I was surrounded

by trees and a bare ground, the light came in just right, at just the right time as I wandered into the space. I remember pausing to just soak it in, at that moment it was clear to me that we are all one, and everything is connected. 

A deep reverence was born, for wild places, for places that silently speak to those who are listening. Since this experience I have produced hundreds of tree renderings of varying sizes, scales, colors, media, and shapes. All of them reference this mystical moment, when all was transcended and I felt a grand unity. 


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