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Of Immeasurable Inspiration...

January 19, 2017

 Pictured Here: Edward Abbey, photographer unknown.

For anyone wishing to gain insight into the origins of my writing style and my own personal sentiment in regard to many things, look no further, I introduce to you Mr. Edward Abbey. 

A true rebel in every sense of the term, a philosopher, a writer, a naturalist, a true American as to the spirit and calibration of unapologetically blazing & treading one's own path. This dude rocked and is one of my heroes. 

If you haven't encountered any of his writing, I suggest you pick up a copy of Desert Solitaire, one of his best works, but anything by him will dazzle your mind and spirit, or repulse you. If you are repulsed, then you and I may not see eye to eye. That's ok. ;)


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