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What Strange Fate Awaits...

Pictured here: Cubed taking on some snow in Colorado. This sculpture was designed and built by Jesse Van Horne in 2012. Sometimes we don't know the relevance of something we have been led to do or create for years after the fact. Such is still the case with Cubed, a sculptural piece I designed and created back in 2012. Since it was "born" it has accompanied me on many adventures. It has spent time in 5 different galleries around Denver for varying amounts of time, and has been paraded around the city and photographed in multiple locations as I had the foresight to design in a stand with wheels.

A few years ago I almost sold the piece to a gentleman who wanted to put it on top of a new building he had just completed, to act as a modern interpretation of a finial. That would have been cool! And to this day, I think it makes a fine modern finial.

The piece itself is quite heavy, probably weighing somewhere in the ballpark of 175-225 lbs. I have moved it myself a few times, and miraculously did not receive a hernia or any other injury, that I know of yet. ;)

It is comprised of baltic birch 3/4" plywood, 1/2" translucent red acrylic, and cold, hard steel. The original inspiration for the piece was to explore the different ways that the spatial reality of a cube could be manifested using a continuous "snake" of form or material.

The piece juxtaposes form and void, and invites the viewer to take in every angle, as each shifting vantage point offers a different assemblage of space/void relationship.

I have always loved this piece, and as I have now spent 4+ years moving it around, setting it up, taking it down I have begun to understand that it emits a sort of energy. I have not yet determined whether this energy is contained within the piece itself, or if it is a kind of channel for a universal energy that humans can not really sense or see (without being tuned in and paying close attention).

Whatever the case, it will be fun to see what fate awaits this strange piece, and what destiny does lie ahead for Cubed, the modern finial of energetic conduction!

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