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It's All in Your Perspective...

Pictured Here: The installation "One Heart Many Parts" by Jesse Van Horne, 2012

It is a cliche statement, "It's all in your perspective", but it is accurate for everything we can possibly perceive. Your judgement, or idea of a situation, of any given situation for that matter, is always a result of your perspective.

Perspective, if you really dig into it, by its very nature asserts that it is a "view from a unique vantage point", inherently acknowledging that there are potentially many other vantage points that the particular focal point could be viewed from.

The problem with human beings is that we get "married" to our perspectives, and for lack of understanding, often times we assume our vantage point to be "true" or "accurate", and assume all others to be false or inaccurate.

What a crock. If you are a living, breathing, seeing, feeling human being, at the very least, endeavor to not be a perspective monger, endeavor to admit and acknowledge that there are many other relevant perspectives or "takes" on any given situation.

The artwork pictured here (a custom installation I designed and installed in 2012) explains this point quite well visually. Viewed from most sides, the piece appears to be some kind of random, abstract piece of industrial art. Further exploration will reveal that there are in fact two points of view that will offer a symbiosis of the disparate pieces. However, this doesn't mean that these two views are "right", just that, like all the others, they offer a unique view of the subject.

Endeavor to awaken to the reality that while your vantage point may be true for you, based on your perception, there are many other perspectives that are equally valid. Never judge another because their perspective may differ from yours.

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