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Shine Your Light

Title: Flowering of Consciousness #3 Artist: Jesse Van Hoorn Year: 2016 Media: Acrylic on Wood 30"x48"

This week I had the pleasure of delivering this painting, the Flowering of Consciousness #3 to its new home!

This piece will live permanently at The Haven, which is a home for recovering addict mothers and their infant/young children.

When I was asked to donate a piece, once I heard about what it was for, I was instantly in. I knew I wanted to create a piece that would represent light, possibility, good vibes, encouragement, and diversity.

Behold, FOC #3 was born. To all the strong women who were dealt a tough hand to start with, but are shining their light brightly, walking the path of recovery for themselves and their children, you rock and be strong!

The light of the universe shines brightly upon you.

For me, this is what it means to create art, to be an artist. I am honored to have my work shine brightly in such an awesome place.

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