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Whichever Way this Great Pendulum Swings...

Forest Dweller: Jesse Van Horne in the Medicine Bows 2016, photo by Aaron Paul.

This Pendulum

Whichever way this great pendulum swings

I know that I know that I know a few things,

Among them that love sure conquers all

and the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

I don't put my faith or my fear in one man

or one woman or any who can't or who can,

My faith doesn't dangle and spin on the wind

but rather it blossoms where sunshine comes in.

So whether you think that it's red or its blue

I'll tell you its purple, this long overdue.

As long as you gaze on the things without

you'll continue to dangle and spin all about

As for me I'll be standing, as sure as the Oak

whether this way or that way the pendulum strokes

There's a shaft of bright sunlight beginning to shine

to awaken us, those who understand we're divine.

That pendulum swings as its nature has told

to stand despite swinging is what it means to be bold.

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