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Behold the Bright and Burning Things...

Photograph by Jesse Van Horne of Skullflower Design Studios, 2016

Behold the Bright and Burning Things

Burning bright though soon to fade

the flames caught in this bloom parade,

we see ourselves in blazing hues

then see ourselves in fading blues.

The surge of life, mystery told

or better yet mystery unfold

til folds again and rambles round

back unto that starting ground.

We mark the passage of our time

when chasing gold, feeling sublime

is what we think we all do need

but riches bleed just like the seed.

Into some great and grand design

could not have fathomed so divine

a showing and at heights it does

unravel back into the dust.

So as your garden's glowing green

dance and gloat the flowing stream

for soon enough flowers will fade

and cycle back to dust parades.

I honor green and growing things

I honor ice, the thought it brings

I honor sun, and honor moon

behold the fanning of the flume.

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