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The Cult of the Masculine or War, Sex & Force...

The importance of balance, unity, harmony and equality of the sexes a concept apparently lost on many. But no matter how glaring the reality, no matter how acute the need for balance we have many who run from it like the plague. And now we have the poster child for the "Cult of the Masculine" literally running for office.

Ok let me just get it out... how the fuck did we get to such a disparate and destitute place in American culture?

The answer is simple. We got here because it is how we have been behaving since the beginning in this country. And traditionally around the world, the cult of the masculine has never had trouble thriving. Due in part to rampant egoism, and what amounts to an insatiable lust for power and dominance, that stems interestingly, from, when we really get down to it, fear plain and simple.

This post is to say, from the mouth of a white male (we are not all hopelessly lost and terrible), that this degradation of women is not ok. We have, as males, for far too long subjugated women, objectified women, oppressed women and the feminine in general.

What we have as a result is a society where the masculine is over-emphasized and overly important. We deal with belligerence in men and rape culture by referring to it as "locker room banter" or "guys being guys". We talk about wanting equality of the sexes, and believing in it as an idea, but when it comes down to it, we as males do little to help that reality come to flower.

And in order to flower it needs us. The flower of equality for the sexes needs input and support from both the feminine and the masculine. It will not come to flower without that balance. It will not come to flower if we continue to allow ourselves and society to go in the direction that it has been. We as men have a duty and an obligation to help steer this massive ship in a new direction.

Ideally, when we hear a candidate for president speak about women in the way we have heard spoken, it should be an immediate disqualification in our hearts and minds (and ballots) for that candidate. It is a brave new world we must have the balls to forge, if any of us truly have any balls at all, we must stand with women, stand with minorities, stand with those who are marginalized and forgotten, shoved aside by the "me first" power cult that has ravaged this country since its inception.

*This post is not an endorsement of any candidate. This post is an endorsement of basic human rights, human equality for ALL, and the dire need for a long starved balance between the feminine and masculine.

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