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Of the Invisible Qualities of Light...

Pictured here, the bright rays of our sun, chopped into the visible light spectrum cast on a wall through a prism. Photo by Jesse Van Horne of Skullflower Design. 2016

If you've never been in awe of light, you're not paying attention. Light is energy, vibration, it produces the colors we see and comprises just about everything we know. If there is a God then surely she is beheld in light, so many manifestations, all gleaming, beaming, some so high or low in their wave patterns as to not be visible, detectable, discernible to the human eye.

But they are there regardless of our inability to notice, and just as we have found ways to measure the invisible spectrum there must be other elements then, also invisible to the human capacity to notice through our regular sensory abilities. What remains to be discovered?

Light both gives life and can ruin it. What mystery is this? Both the giver and the taker of life, essential for our survival, inevitable in our demise, how can we ignore this unity? If God has a nature, surely this is it. Everything all at once, life giver, life sustainer, life ender, just LIFE.

If this makes you uneasy it may be time to re-examine what you believe, what you think you know. For knowing this quality of light, one should be at peace at once, a back float in the cosmos, a thorough fascination at play with each movement, each moment, each day of life through your experiential paraphernalia, your miraculous body!

Wake up and be blown away my good people!

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