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Of the Verticality of Inspiration...

This view, the sun slicing through the lodgepole pines of the forest, this could be said to be the inspiration behind (though subconsciously) the Vortex series of paintings that I have produced.

The connection didn't occur to me until about a year ago, looking at another picture like this, I realized the sheer verticality that had been so repeated in my psyche for my entire life.

I learned to equate this experience with the mystery, the unexplainable but palpable experience of being human and living on this planet. Wandering through this kind of biome, repeatedly, summer after summer, emblazoned this kind of vertical slicing into my mind.

It's no wonder I went on to produce paintings that mimic this experience, slicing up the world in the vertical shafts of light and shadow that exist in any sunny forest land.

Where does your inspiration come from?

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