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Your Own Eyes...

Pictured here: The cover of the book Your Own Eyes by author Jesse Van Horne

If you're unfamiliar with the concepts of awakening and enlightenment, you need to read my book!

In it I talk about the ways we have all been indoctrinated over the span of our lives (we have all been indoctrinated), and I talk about how to find Your Own Eyes. This, strangely enough, does not come naturally to most of us. We live our lives under the yoke of whatever particular doctrine we have inherited, and most of us don't even know the difference!

To endeavor to find Your Own Eyes is a bold move, requiring a dedication to stopping the insanity which is often times a result of our indoctrinations or our unconsciousness. Our world view, the way we see and perceive others, these are all a result of the sources of indoctrination which secretly rule our lives.

I use the metaphor of the lens to make the subject more approachable, more easily understandable. You see, you can think of indoctrination as a lens, a pair of glasses that you unwittingly are peering through. Most of us don't even recognize the fact that our vision is greatly affected, greatly skewed by the lenses we peer through, in fact most of us don't realize we are looking at the world around us through any lenses at all!

I am here to tell you, you are. And you can stop, or at least become aware of the ways you have been indoctrinated and decide to govern your life, your choices and your beliefs from a higher position.

In fact, developing this skill may be the only hope for our race, the human race, seemingly hell-bent on annihilating itself.

To start the journey to finding Your Own Eyes get my book now, here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1518608302?m=A16Z8WIZFJP889&ref_=v_sp_widget_detail_page

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