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Into the Vortex...

Pictured here: Another manifestation of the Vortex series by artist Jesse Van Horne (Van Hoorn) in the works, July 2016.

It has been awhile since I executed a Vortex series painting, and I reached a point recently where I just knew that my soul would benefit from another foray into the realm of the abstract.

It is a freeing exercise, to engage oneself in the act of creating something "abstract". There are no boundaries when engaged in this kind of artistic creation. Anything goes. This is my favorite aspect of this kind of work, it really is up to the creator what form it will take and which way it will go. This is something I love about the abstract realm.

The abstract realm is the realm of feeling, of closing one's eyes and opening one's heart so to speak. This is the realm where feeling, reaction, sensibility and emotion rule the outcome, if the artist is in the right frame of mind (what is really "no mind") during creation.

The Vortex series for me has always been about energy, magic, mysticism, flow and confluence. I like to think of each piece in this series as a "snap shot" of a specific energetic reality, if we could somehow view all of the different energetic wavelengths and see their blending together at any given time, this may be how it would look. That dense. That chaotic. But somehow in perfect balance and order.

How do you perceive your life? The world around you? Is it in total chaos, or is it in perfect order? Perhaps it is both, all at once...you've got to stretch your mind a bit to allow that kind of possibility to exist...

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