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A Sage Among the Fury...

A damselfly resting on a stucco wall in Denver, Colorado. Photograph by Jesse Van Horne 2016.

When I encounter creatures like this in my everyday rush to keep it all going, I always take it as a sign. For me it usually reminds me that I need to take a moment to reconnect with my center, a reminder that I might be lost in the endless stream of thoughts that ever assaults us all.

The world was whizzing by and this guy was silent, perched on the side of a building in a garden, taking a moment for himself. What was it doing? I am not sure, but I do appreciate the reminder for myself to check if and regain a present state of mind.

When I see a creature like this, it also reminds me of the incredible mystery of the Earth and this existence. The fact that a creature like this even exists at all completely blows my mind. If you have lost your wonder at the world around you, it is a good clue that you are likely living solely from your mind and the mind identified state of consciousness (unconsciousness).

Wonder and mystery are all around us everyday, it's up to us to recognize them!

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