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A Long Long Way to Go...

Pictured here: The latest batch of FOC (Flowering of Consciousness) micro tiles by artist Jesse Van Horne (Van Hoorn). 2016

This series of small batch paintings is nearing 100! It is amazing to me how much work it takes to make 100 of something. But it has all come about rather organically without a lot of pain and suffering.

And speaking of pain and suffering, the impetus for this series has been and continues to be my desire for the awakening of the human race. This happens on an individual level, not on some grand scale, as one at a time we make the decision for ourselves to stop being misled by identification with our thoughts and our minds, which always leads to anxiety, suffering, depression, etc.

The lotus, the universal symbol of human awakening and human potential. A symbol of hope, a symbol of possibility, a symbol of evolution. The human race does possess the capacity to evolve beyond archaic impulses like war and violence, but it is yet to be seen if we will wake up to that latent potential before we annihilate ourselves in some god-awful nuclear blood bath!

The greatest impact each of us can have is to endeavor to awaken ourselves, to change our own trajectory, and to alter the way we live our lives on a personal level. If each one does this imagine what a world this could be?

Maybe I am an idealistic ass. But can you blame me for trying?

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