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When We Know Not Where We Are Headed...

Pictured here, various works by the artist Jesse Van Horne (Van Hoorn) 2016.

Sometimes as artists we can forget where we are going with all of our work. We lose sight of our mission, if we ever had a clear view in the first place! The goal of an artist should be mainly to remain true to that inner light, to that energy that compels you to create.

It is easy to believe that it has all become meaningless, hopeless, futile. "Why do we bother?"

This is simply the influx of relentless signals from a wayward culture finding their way into our center. It takes vigilance to weed them out, to give them their proper place, on the outskirts of our awareness.

Don't try to find an answer to the "Why create?" question...rather, know the answer, and know that you know it.

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