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One Nation Under Guns, Divisible, with Liberty and Justice for Some...

"Flag of our Fathers" created by Jesse Van Horne of Skullflower Design Studios, 2016.

The flag pictured above may more accurately depict what our country is all about and what it truly stands for. Sadly, this is what it's come to. Painted ourselves into a corner, and the wiggle room is gone.

At the outset, it is plain to see that the right to bear arms was an idea that helped found this nation. It helped an exploited people gain freedom from an imperialistic oppressor. Fast forward to 2016, there are few countries that now really threaten our freedom in that sense. Now the biggest danger to our lives is either acts of terrorism by citizens of other countries, or by our next door neighbors, who unfortunately, can lawfully own lots of guns, guns with terrible capabilities of mass destruction.

I remember a mural painted when Tupac was gunned down, it read "Live by the gun, die by the gun" and those words eerily ring in my mind each time another senseless act of violence erupts. Could it be that this country is doomed to experience the same fate? Are we already experiencing this same phenomenon? Ahhh...duh!

What lies at the root of all this insanity is fear. Plain and simple. But people mask their fears with all kinds of things, and guns are an all time favorite when it comes to masking our fears. Guns wielded by an unconscious and emotionally reactive human being = sure disaster and tragedy.

When the fuck will we wake up? That is a rhetorical question...don't try to answer it...it may already be too late... we will all see how this saga unfolds. I do have high hopes for our species, for our awakening, for our ultimate survival... but I also understand the depths of insanity possible with this beautiful, wretched mind that we have all somehow ended up with. It can be both a blessing, and a curse. And it is ultimately our choice as to how we will use it.

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