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A Tone to Bring Us Back to Center...

Pictured here: The recently completed mural by artist Jesse Van Horne (Van Hoorn) in Denver, Colorado 2016. The mural measures 8' tall by 15' wide and will be on display at 8th & Galapago in the Santa Fe Arts District for the next 3 months.

One of my visions for my art, or the reason I create much of what I make is to act as a sort of "gong" tone, a striking, strange visual assemblage of light, energy, and color, something to snap us out of our daily routines and remind us of something else, of that other realm that most of us seldom ponder.

Life in the United States, and I imagine much of the rest of the world, is an experience vastly out of sync with the spirit of the human being and the spirit of the Earth and the cosmos at large. We continue to live lifestyles of unconsciousness, conducting violence toward each other in thought and deed, and continuing our legacy of violence against the one who sustains us, our sweet, patient Mother Earth.

Alan Watts astutely observed that the human race is "busy fouling our own nest" and he is exactly right. We have not regarded this place as a mysterious gift that requires our utmost care, instead we have regarded this place, our home as a place to exploit and profit from.

And we continue to hurt and harm one another, each act of violence stirring up more rage and more violence. We do not listen to the sages who have attempted to give us guidance as to how we should live. We do not heed the words of Buddha, of Jesus, of Gandhi, of Martin Luther King Jr., the Dalai Lama or anyone else who has come with a message of peace, love, and kindness.

The messages are there for those who have eyes to see them. The way is illuminated for those who have a keen perception and can see through the haze. This world needs you to awaken, this world needs you to find another way, to begin to channel kindness to all. If you enjoy my art and the images that I create, know that I create them as a way to communicate hope and love to all, and when you see my art let it remind you to "snap out of it" and come back to center.

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