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Art for Art's Sake...

Pictured here: Artist Jesse Van Horne (Van Hoorn) working on his mural at 8th & Galapago in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, Colorado. July 2016

Art takes time. Art takes resources. Sometimes, as an artist, engaged in a large scale project, your mind can get the best of you, counting & logging the hours spent, trying to calculate your hourly rate, are you making money? Losing money? Is this a "good" way to spend your time? Shouldn't you be "working" instead?

These questions/thoughts/worries can plague us as artists, but it takes us nowhere but down an anxious path. The secret to art, the secret to creating art from the right place is to realize, accept, and understand that art is something different. It exists outside the realm of commodity, art is a gift we give the world, from our own energetic core, we are channels as artists, and conduct a kind of energy that is misunderstood and undervalued in a commodified world such as the one we live and work in.

Art has value. Art is important. Art for art's sake. It is a gift for all who view it, whether they accept it as such is up to them. Artists, keep on doing your thing, whether or not you feel appreciated by the world, whether or not you gain recognition, whether or not you get paid. If you are doing art for the cheddar...you are probably doing it for the wrong reason.

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