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Of Lengthening or Receding Shadows...

Is the sun rising or setting in this photo? Does it make a difference? Would knowing this affect your feeling about the picture? Isn't the perception of rising or setting all relative to our grounded position as humans on planet Earth?

Sometimes it's easy to see our lives in the "sunset" phase, especially when things aren't turning out the way we want them to, the way we wished they would. But the thing for us all to remember is that we really aren't sure, with any situation or occurrence, whether the sun be rising or falling, and often we need to do a bit more traveling before we can really tell.

Keep on walking. That is the message here. What are you doing in life? Are you walking toward that true and certain sense of who you know yourself to be? Are you taking whatever risks are necessary to get yourself in line? Walk toward the light that you perceive. Don't worry what that light is doing, or what stage you may perceive it to be. Resist the temptation to judge the quality of the light shining on you, and just be grateful for it. This is the way to walk boldly into your destiny. All else is madness and listening way too much to your mind.

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