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Free Art from the Bonds By Which it is Restrained!

This is one of the Flowering of Consciousness tiles that artist Jesse Van Horne (Van Hoorn) leaves around Denver in inconspicuous places, free to the finder.

To be or not to be free? We artists in modern day societies are faced with a difficult challenge, what should we charge for our art? And once we answer this question, we are already far down the wrong path. Maybe too far to turn back.

It can be a frustrating experience, trying to commodify something that evades commodification. Trying to convince someone, a complete stranger, that this work of art that they are viewing is worth every penny...whether $5, $1,200, $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000!?

After all, we've got to make a living right? Aren't we entitled to be paid for our creativity? Don't we deserve a fair living wage like everyone else? Well, the answer here is not straight forward. And whether or not your art sells can depend on many different factors.

I got over my resentment once I discovered that art does not belong in the land of commodification like a gallon of gasoline, or a pound of rice. Art is spiritual food, not food for the body. It doesn't make cars go, it doesn't keep us warm at night. Art serves the intangible realm of feeling, of energy, of wavelengths and of mysterious power. As such, it should not be strictly limited to the realm of commodity, this can be the death of art.

Whatever your approach to pricing your art, consider that it is something different. It is art. Should it be free of the bonds of commodification? You be the judge...

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