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Paint the City...

Pictured here the black-lining of a mural by Jesse Van Horne of Skullflower Design Studios. 2016 8'x15'

Excited about this one! I have wanted to do my Forest of Light/4th Dimension series as a giant mural for years now and I am finally getting the chance! This piece will be exhibited on 8th & Gallapago, right in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, CO!

I have been fascinated with trees all my life and have been drawing them, over and over again, in multiple manifestations for about a decade. I see trees as wise old grandfather/grandmother figures. I have always been mystified by their majesty, especially huge old ones!

I see trees, in a certain sense, as both energetic channels, from earth to sky and vice versa, and as space holders that speak in silence, for the Earth, for the health of the planet. I also see giant old trees as symbol for the divine masculine way of being, the traits of a giver beheld in every branch and in the tree's entire life system. Trees, especially large ones, give life to so many creatures and other plants, they clean the air, they offer shade, and they house thousands of birds and insects and other animals.

My love affair with trees continues...stay tuned to see how this one comes together!

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