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To Shrink or Not to Shrink...

I took this quote straight from the pages of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, an absolutely indispensable resource for anyone endeavoring to live the artist's life.

This quote I have found to be true. For years I stood on the brink of a brave new path for my life, peering over the edge, fantasizing about taking the jump but too scared of what may or may not lie below to ever take the plunge. My life was stagnant at that point because of my lack of courage. I was a blocked artist. Longing to engage in my creative impulses, but believing myself to be cut off from that reality for a variety of reasons.

Some years down the road, after teetering on the brink for years I finally developed the courage to jump and my life has been blown wide open ever since.

I am living my truth. I am doing what I want to be doing. I can say that I am no longer a blocked artist, at least not as blocked as I was teetering up there on that ledge, fantasizing about taking that great, scary, initial leap.

We all decide what life to live. The power is always in our hands to change direction if we do not like where we are headed. Will you choose to expand or to shrink?

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