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Of Long Overdue Conversations and your Summer Reading List...

Pictured here Your Own Eyes by Jesse Van Horne, along with the 6 suggested readings in the "Recommend Reading" Section. Photo 2016 by Skullflower Design

I recently had the pleasure of having coffee with a beloved uncle to catch up and talk about my new book. He was kind enough to read the whole thing and he had a few questions for me about some of the things I discuss.

We had a great conversation, and we both did a great job of remaining civil though wrestling with some difficult, philosophically dense concepts & material. Often times conversations of this nature are nothing but polarizing. This is why many shy away from these talks with friends and loved ones, it is simply uncomfortable material to venture into for many.

Throughout our conversation I found myself recognizing that the understanding of the material covered in my book is greatly aided/enhanced if one is familiar at least with the above 6 books. My path in life and my book have been influenced greatly by the material I have encountered in these works, and countless others.

So here's the message. Take the time to delve deeper with friends and loved ones. Explore the beliefs you hold, be able to talk about them and be able to understand the perspective and beliefs of others. And most importantly, understand that disagreements are part of the process of relating to each other.

Now you've got 7 books to add to your summer reading list! ;)

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