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The Entire Cosmos Beheld in a Single Flame

Mesmerized I usually am when gazing into the burning coals of a campfire. Something about that energy pulsing, the colors produced, and the way it just goes with everything, with the living plants, with the infinite cosmos, fire, flame, the destruction it brings, all a part of this vast and swirling experience of interrelationship, or relatability, all is tied together, all is one.

I love how, when viewed at a distance, this bowl of burning coals and flame evokes a picture from the hubble telescope, of distant galaxies swirling, forming, heaving, or being undone. Exploding stars, enormous pillars of gas, that great mystery laid out before us.

Take some time out of your day to be blown away by it all. By the way it all works together, everything linked in some invisible yet intimately knowable kind of way. We are all connected. To everything. We "go with" our environment as our environment "goes with" us. The realization of this will cause us to eventually act in a more careful and concerned manner regarding this great planet and her resources and the actions we take upon her.

For now, be mesmerized by it all, take it all in deeply, and let her stir your soul!

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