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To Take a Step Back...

This is a photograph of artist Jesse Van Horne in front of his sculpture One Heart Many Parts at Metro State University in Denver. 2016

Sometimes life feels like such a dream. It is good sometimes to stop and take a look back, to remember where we've been.

I had a chance this past week to visit my permanent installation at Metro State University in Denver, it's been hanging there all this time, though my feet have taken me on all kinds of adventures since I installed the piece in July of 2012.

There it sits. A clue to any who wish to find it. Just some neat/weird/strange art to all the rest. Does anyone take the time anymore to really see art? Or has it become merely decoration for the walls of our empty caverns, pretty pictures and things to adorn our castles of achievement?

Whatever the answer, we artists press on. Knowing, though society may not know, that what we do is relevant, has value, meaning, and can point the astute viewer toward the light, through the haze, into the vast expanse of meaning and the soul's quest for understanding.

This is forever the power of art.

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