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Of the Impetus of a Work

Pictured here is the book Your Own Eyes by Jesse Van Horne, launched in 2016.

To try to discuss the impetus for this work in writing, in a paragraph or two, is like imagining that the cosmos can be contained inside the telescope's tube. It can certainly be imagined, but when it comes to execution of such a task, I find myself flummoxed.

Not being, however, one to back away from a challenge, here goes:

I wrote this book to get a conversation going, about mythology and reality, about beliefs and indoctrination, and about the overall trajectory of the human race and its apparent fixation and fascination with its own annihilation.

Nobody wants to confront doctrine or dogma, it is a touchy subject for most, and there are few also who attempt to write about philosophical meanderings that can lead us to giant leaps in the not-inevitable evolution of human kind.

I address in the book, the idea that though we have been around a few thousand years, we are still behaving in many ways like our ancient ancestors. Take for example our tendency to wage war on each other, which still rages rampant all over the globe, on this day of writing, April the 28th, 2016.

This book advocates for a grand "waking up" within collective human consciousness, which essentially requires that each individual in and of themselves endeavors to understand and examine their own sources of indoctrination and then to consider how those "lenses", if you will, might affect/corrode/distort what we then perceive through them in the world around us and so then, the way we conduct ourselves in the world. Both as individuals and as a race/species.

This book dares to ask, "Do my lenses lead me to contribute in thought, word, or deed to some human system that perpetuates war and or conflict against any human beings on this planet?

If we answer yes to this question, well then, we must be honest with ourselves, even if it means an abandoning of old ways, historic traditions, deep held beliefs, and crumbling mythologies which keep us chained to the archaic whipping posts of human reactionary behavior driven by the unconscious and of course, the ego.

I am asserting that the human race can do better. It is at the very least, a conversation worth entertaining. Wouldn't you agree? Well then, it may be privy for you to read my book!

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