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Where We're Headed...

Pictured here: #83 - #124 of the Flowering of Consciousness small batch series by Jesse Van Hoorn of Skullflower Design Studios - 2016

I love how each and every one of these tiles come out differently, even though they are all made from the same template. Warhol experienced the same intrigue with his images, as he produced one after the other, each being "the same", but having its own unique qualities and thus each being completely original.

As I passed the 100 mark with this series, I realized it is quite a milestone! To work with any image 100+ times is something special, and the artist who gets to do the working will see many interesting manifestations of that same image. Your realize through the monotony, that some factors are controllable while others are not!

For anyone who doesn't know, this series is vastly meaningful to me. It's title informs about its intentions, to be a beacon, a reminder, or maybe a first spark to any and all interested in the flowering of human consciousness.

We have been a race fast asleep, for the duration of our occupation of this fair planet, waging war on each other and shedding much blood. This series, depicting a Lotus blossom in full bloom, is a reminder that we can do better. We can reach forward, to bravely evolve into a species that no longer decimates itself and its planet. Join me in this aim, and become yet another flower in the multiplying phenomenon, the effort to save ourselves, the Flowering of Consciousness.

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