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A Lost Cause?

Sometimes life can feel like this picture. Kind of lumpy, with a bit of this, a bit of that, an ill constitution, and a confusing assemblage of color! "Where is all this headed" we may find ourselves wondering, ready to abandon ship and swim for the safety and security that the shore can offer.

I am writing this post to encourage anyone who feels like quiting... to not quit! Even though your vision may be hazy and you may feel like you have lost your way, don't give up! Most often our creative endeavors can feel meaningless and hopeless, like nobody will care so then we end up asking... "what does it matter whether I create or don't?"

This is a big lie. Nothing is more important than those things which you labor to manifest through that unseen, pulsing energy that has surged through you and found you an open channel.

This world, and especially American society can leave us feeling like art is a lost cause, like art is hopeless, an irresponsible effort, especially if we have obligations like bills and raising children!

I am hear to say, if you are a creative person and feel led to create art in any way, shape, or form... that is vastly important! It is essential that you remain devoted to your task. This world needs you to be brave and bold, and to remain dedicated to those things which have been instilled in you by that mysterious, wonderous force!

Take heart artists! Now is not the time for your tears!

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