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Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Shot of FOC #3 coming together. 2016 Jesse Van Horne. Acrylic on Wood, 30"x48"

This lotus image, which comprises my work in the FOC series, has now been worked and reworked, used and reproduced over 100 times. Most of these in the small batch painting series that I give away freely and leave in inconspicuous locations all over Denver, then posting clues on instagram @jesvan27, follow me to find one yourself!

It has been an experiment, one that had no clear direction at the outset, but one that has a very resonant, meaningful, and fixed philosophical position.

I think the awakening of humanity is the most important cause out there. As each person endeavors to awaken within themselves, they labor in a megalithic and meaningful task. To awaken, to bring presence into your life, to dissassociate from the constant thought stream, to relinquish emotional reactivity in favor of a grounded outlook, this is one of the most beautiful and wonderous gifts any of us can give to the world around us and to all the people we love.

Do your part, wake up inside the dream, endeavor to evolve, and so heal the world around you.

Shine bright like a diamond!

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