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From the Unlikeliest of Places...

This photo was taken in the MBNF. Jesse Van Horne 2015

I was hiking along this past summer, in one of my favorite places to roam, stumbled across this little beauty and immediately felt a kinship. This little sapling was springing out of the most unlikeliest place, the exposed root of a living tree!

Nature holds examples for all the beautiful loopholes and possibilities, metaphors for everything we want in life, encouragement and illustration. For those who listen that is.

The incessant chatter of our minds is enough to keep many from accessing the realm of being and so opening themselves to the instruction that nature is constantly offering.

Take a deep breath. Come back to yourself. Forget your "problems", they will come and go and seem meaningless on your death bed. Connect with who you are, and why you're here. Know these things deeply, then live your life from that place.

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