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The Artist's Magic

Pictured here: Forest of Light #3 by Jesse Van Horne. Ink & Colored Pencil on Vellum, 24"x36".

At the root of my drive to create art lies my passion. My passion is to act as conduit and connector for the massess. I aim to connect people with the unseen realm, the realm of emotion and memory, the realm of energy and possiblility.

I use iconic imagery to communicate these things and direct people's attention to this place. Iconic imagery is immediately recognizable by the masses, and usually carries with it some pretty complex sub-conscious associations.

My overall ambition with art is to reveal secrets to others, mainly, the secret possibility of awakening on an individual and a collective scale. I want to encourage others. I want to shine a bright light in their lives, or simply in their days. I want to remind others that all we see and interact with every day is not all there is. I want to show another way, I want to illuminate the other way.

I have said it before, and I will say it many more times. I believe my role as an artist in this modern age to be equivalent to the role of the Shaman in ancient cultures. I am a minister of the unseen realm, the realm of mythology and mystery, where great truths are revealed to those who are paying attention. I take my role very seriously.

I am dream ambassador, keeper of the sacred, holy man, he who holds the keys of passage between what is seen and unseen, he who heals energetically, he who knows, accepts, offers medicines, and wards off misperceptions and fears. This may sound extra dramatic or grandiose, but this is the role of the artist. If you are an artist, you possess this potential. It is up to you to use it, or deny it.

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