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One at a Time

Pictured here: one of the F.O.C. series of small, hand painted tiles that artist Jesse Van Horne leaves in secret locations all over the city of Denver. The image depicted is that of a Lotus flower in full bloom, the series is called "The Flowering of Consciousness".

So far I have produced exactly 81 of these hand painted FOC tiles. The idea to begin to give them away came to me after I read the book "The Gift". I realized that part of my practice as an artist should be to give away work and surprise/bless people with a work of art at no cost to them.

This series was the perfect candidate. The image of the Lotus in full bloom represents the potential of the human species to awaken, to rise above thought and so direct our own evolution beyond archaic impulses like war and conflict. I truly believe these things are possible.

If you are lucky enough to stumble across one of these in the alleys and streets, enclaves and hideaways of Denver, it has been brought to you for a reason! Let that reason be to begin to contemplate the potential you possess to affect not only yourself, but the people in your life as well. Choose to have a beneficial, helpful, good natured influence on others and on yourself.

Enable the Flowering of Consciousness to spread, in so doing you are doing the best thing that anyone can.

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