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On It's End...

Title: Circus in the Sky #3 Artist: Jesse Van Horne Year: 2015 Media: Acrylic on Wood 24"x48"

Sometimes it's helpful to look at things in your life from another angle. Turn it on its side and see what new revelations may come your way. Often a new angle or perspective is all we need to navigate the tumultuous waters of life and experience. But many of us become so acustomed to our angles that we subconsciously refuse to see things from any other place.

That is called stagnation. If you are in it, you likely don't even know it. It takes constant self examination to deter the natural stagnative possibilities in life. Dexterity, agility, awareness, these should be things that we cultivate in ourselves on a daily basis.

If you're stuck in life, give it a try, you'll be surprised at what things look like when you stand them on end.

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