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Circus in the Sky #3

Title: Circus in the Sky #3 Artist: Jesse Van Horne Media: Acrylic on Wood Year: 2015 24"x48"

Just wanted to introduce the latest creation in my Circus in the Sky series...#3!

Over the top. Some might call it obnoxious. Well, those are all appropriate metaphors for the insanity of human conflict and war. This series seeks to glorify the beauty of WW II era aircraft while shining a revealing light on conflict and war in general.

When you really think about it on any level, we can do better as a human race. We can evolve past the need for war and conflict, but it takes all of us believing it to be possible. It may admittedly be awhile!

Til then, enjoy the paintings, and think about what you can do to not contribute to the insanity of humanity. Be good to eachother!

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