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An Ode to Summer's Dying...

Photograph of Mums and reddened chile peppers in my garden, just before the coming storm. By Jesse Van Horne, 2015

An Ode to Summer's Dying

by Jesse Van Horne

An ode etched to the dying

of that glorious time of year

when sunrays slant the morning,

blazing colors hasten cheer.

When the bounty of the harvest

brings a joy that's oh so sweet

with the laughing and the dancing

and the shimmying of feet

And at that moment caught me

with a chill upon the air...

reminded me that all must fade

there's no exception here

So from that summer's bounty

I arranged upon the leaves

a showing of my gratitude

right where my garden bleeds

I offer up to sun and snow

the things which I hold dear

the things which are a token

of that sacred time of year

I say a prayer, unto the wind,

it's turning from the North

to bring its cycle round again

and draw it's bounty forth.

An honor and a reverence

I behold in ice and snow

in the frozen, silent mornings

turning in and laying low.

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